A Graduated System Of Exercises with 3 Different Levels Of  Demand

  • Exercises Written in All 12 Major Keys - 3 Weeks per Key = 1 School Year (36) Weeks
  • Broken Scale Exercises in Thirds, Fourths and Fifths
  • Interval Studies
  • Chromatic Studies 
  • A Variety of Bowing Exercises
  • Natural & Melodic Minor Scales Introduced in Level 2 (Harmonic Minor in Level 4)
  • Rhythm Counting, Clapping and Playing Exercises for All Students
  • Dominant 7th & Diminished 7th Cord Studies Introduced in Level 3
  •  Glossary of Musical Terms and Definitions
  •  "YOU FIGURE IT OUT" Exercises have students think at Higher in Levels of  Bloom's Taxonomy"  
  •   Three (3) Octave Scales for Violin, Viola & Cello (Double Bass - Two (2) Octaves)   




An Organized Approach to Teaching Technique

 The violin, viola & cello books were edited by the Concertmaster, Assistant Concertmaster and Principal Cellist of the Belleville Philharmonic Orchestra.  The double bass book was edited by Thomas Dole - Julliard Graduate