Band Director's Reviews

Band Director's Reviews

  "Technical Exercises (TEX) is superior to any method I have used in the past, not because of the difficulty of the exercises, but more because of the way this book is organized.  Every time a page is turned, you have all the exercises in a new key.  Also, the page at the back of the book used for keeping track of student progress is a great for me the director as well as the student.  In the short time that I have been in this teaching assignment, the success my band has  enjoyed is largely due to implementing the TEX method."              
  Charles Noud - Coolidge Middle School - Granite City, Illinois

  "I really enjoy this book!  We are reaping the benefits from it! My 8th Graders now know  there is a thing called a Key Signature and we must follow it!  We are finished with Bb, Ab, Eb and F.  We are going to begin C next week.
    My favorite part of the book are the lip slurs and chromatic!  It is great to have resources for a warm up including access over the break, lip slurs and breathing!  Thank you again for your helpful advice before I dove in . . . it has really helped."

 Tricia Holm - Washington Middle School - Washington, Missouri


  After 5+ years of use, I have found the "TEX System" to be a concise, sequenced and effective system for methodically improving my concert bands.  From beginners to more advanced players the system incorporates essential development exercises into the daily warm-up.  This results in students that are covering scales, intervals, tonguing, chromatics, lip slurs and counting exercises in the first 5 minutes of playing!  As Ed Lisk's research has shown, this is a critical point in the student's learning curve during a band rehearsal.  As a director, I can feel confident that these essential skills and concepts are being addresses daily, at an optimum learning level through the TEX System.

   At the higher levels, more advanced concepts such as double tonguing, sight reading and range building are incorporated by building on the format of earlier levels.  This makes for a smooth transition to the new concepts and greater student success.     HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! 

    Sean Bippen - Hardin Middle School  -  St. Charles, Missouri